Tough on Dirt, Easy on the Earth

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Mr. Wizard is a Certified Green Car Wash.



     What does it mean to be a green car wash?


   We recycle our water using a chemical free, eco-friendly, and very efficient, filtration system. Commercial washing, in general, is more environmentally friendly than driveway washing or fundraising "parking lot" washing. In those two scenarios the run-off either goes directly to a storm drain or is left to seep into the ground, carrying with it any spills or debris in its path. We control where our water goes.


   We use bioderadable detergents and protectants in our wash process. These products also come to us

in concentrated form, helping to reduce wasteful packaging. We even take the time and effort to have

our empty plastic drums and barrels taken to a company that recycles them into plastic piping and

other products.


   We have placed the appropriate receptacles on our site and encourage our patrons, when cleaning out their cars, to separate the cans and bottles from their trash and leave them with us for recycling. Our employees are also trained to separate recyclables from our trash receptacles before dumping them.

Also, any recyclables generated behind the scenes are collected and handled appropriately.


   We have installed several devices and have implemented many procedures that enable

us to reduce our consumption of electricity, natural gas, and water; leaving valuable resources for

future generations.


   We have also streamlined our wash process to take less than 3 minutes, which greatly reduces the amount of time that vehicles are left idling and emitting harmful greenhouse gases.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 7:00am -8:00 pm  Sundays & Holidays 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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