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 Mr. Wizard Car Wash Business Solutions


Does your business utilize a fleet of vehicles? Your vehicles are advertising your business everyday. A clean, well maintained vehicle makes a great first impression and first impressions are lasting impressions.

At Mr. Wizard Car Wash we offer a variety of ways for you to save money while maintaining your company's image.




Benefits of setting up a fleet account with Mr. Wizard Car Washes:


  Receive a 25% discount on any of our exterior wash services.


  Enjoy the convenience of receiving 1 monthly bill for your company's car washing needs. No more collecting receipts and

    reimbursing employees individually.


  Receive monthly reporting of account activity. This report will include the date, time, and package selection for each

    transaction. You will always know when, and which employees have been caring for your company's vehicles.


  You can choose to limit which services are allowed to be selected on your account or you can give your vehicle operators the

    flexibility to choose services based on their needs.


  We provide ease and convenience. Our 4 locations help to eliminate the need to go “out of your way” to keep your vehicles

    looking good. Our wash process will leave your vehicles clean, shiny, and dry in less than 3 minutes. Your employees remain

    in the vehicle the entire time and are back on the road quickly.


  We provide consistent, reliable services. Mr. Wizard prides itself on providing great quality and service at all of its locations.

    All sites utilize the same equipment, products, and procedures. This ensures consistency and reliability. You can be certain

    that you will receive the same great results no matter which location you choose.


  Improved corporate image. Your vehicles are a large part of your company's image in the eyes of the public. Customers and

   clients will take you more seriously when they see that you take your image seriously. When someone is in need of the

   services you provide they will have a high opinion of the company whose associates are in clean, well maintained vehicles as

   opposed to the company that places little value on the image they are putting forth.




Are you a business with a “fleet” of only 1 or 2 vehicles? Just because you don't meet the requirements for a monthly billed fleet account doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy savings while maintaining your company's image. Mr. Wizards prepaid Magic Wash Cards come to you with a higher value than the purchase price. Several levels are available and details can be found on our Wash Cards page or at any of our locations.

Our Magic Wash Cards also make a great reward in recognition of an employees outstanding performance or dedication and commitment.




Do you prefer to pay 1 low monthly fee and wash your vehicle as often as you would like? Now you can!

It's true. For as little as $19.95 a month, per vehicle, you can wash as often as you like. Our small Magic Pass decal applies discreetly to your vehicles upper windshield and allows you unlimited washes at any of our locations. Various membership levels are available and details can be found on our on our Wash Club page or at either of our 4 locations.

Unlimited Wash Club membership can also be a great unexpected benefit to offer to your top performers and your most appreciated employees!


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