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Looking for an easy way to raise funds for your school or organization?


  Mr. Wizard Car Wash has developed a program which allows your organizations members to sell our pre-loaded Magic Wash Cards. Your organization then keeps a portion of the sales to apply toward your cause.


Advantages of using Mr. Wizard Car Wash versus other facilities and driveway washing


Speed and convenience · less than 3 minutes from start to finish.


Safety · 100% soft cloth and gentle on all automotive finishes.


Environmentally Friendly · Mr. Wizard is proud to be a certified green car wash. We use biodegradable products in the wash process and recycle the wash water, filtering and cleaning it for reuse at the wash. All discharge is filtered before going into municipal waste water systems and no discharge ever goes to storm drains as with “parking lot” charity washes or driveway washing.


Quality Products · Mr. Wizard Car Wash uses cleaning products produced by one of the industry's leading manufacturers. Each product we use is formulated and applied to perform a specific task. In other words, our wheel cleaners are designed to clean brake dust and other contaminants from wheels., our bug cleaners are designed to safely remove bugs from a vehicles surface, our undercarriage wash contains a rust inhibitor, and our polishes are designed to enhance and protect a vehicles clear coat finish


Benefits to the Vehicles Finish · Mr. Wizards Magic Wash solutions can greatly enhance and preserve a vehicles finish through the use of U. V. ray inhibitors, clear coat conditioners, and anti-rust agents. Many automobile manufacturers now recommend use of commercial car washes using these materials and our polishes are formulated to bring out the best in a vehicles finish.


Please contact us if you are interested in receiving more information about our fundraising program.



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